Follow His Lead

We have all experienced the salesman at our door doing their best to convince us that we NEED their product. Yet most of us send them away with, “No, thank you.” And we close the door while watching them walk away.

But not God. When He sends us from one place to another, He doesn’t close the door on us. He goes with us. At times, we clearly see Him leading the way. Other times, we seem to not have the strength to go on. That’s when He carries us. And, yes, at times it seems He is silent… where to be found. But over and over in His Word we read His promise, “…..and I will be with you.” And later we see that He was present the entire time.

He never sends us away without going with us. And to pattern our lives after Him, we should continue to walk through situations WITH those in our lives. Not shut the door on them because we don’t want to be bothered. It might be through just an encouraging note or phone call to say, “What can I pray with you about?” But no matter how small the gesture seems to us, to the person being sent into new places, it could be the wind in their sails.

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