Remaining the Same

Palm Sunday. The day usually set aside to remember that one day so long ago where a nation was preparing for the week of Passover. Everyone was headed to Jerusalem. Crowds at every street corner. Shops selling their wares to the many travelers entering the city. Roman soldiers watching and on alert for signs of trouble.

One Man came to the city bringing followers with Him. When the news of His presence was known, an impromptu celebration started. Palm branches were waved in the air as people lined the streets to see a well known Teacher riding a donkey down the road. Soldiers probably scratched their heads in disbelief as the crowds shouted, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” Those Roman guards probably thought, “Blessed? He rode a donkey….not a Roman war horse. What type of people were these Jews anyway?”

Fickle. People with an excitement for the moment but also not fully understanding the depth of significance. God had already told His prophets this day would come. He had preordained it. Christ told his disciples where to find the donkey and where they would have the Passover meal. Every time He gave instructions, they found it just as He said. So why did His arrest, trial, torture and death send them all running? Why did some of the very people who joined the cheers of celebration one week cry, “Crucify Him,” the following week? Fear. Misunderstanding of what they had been taught. Leaning to what they believed was to be the outcome of their present circumstances.

Today on Palm Sunday 2020, we are facing a challenging circumstance. Yet prophets have warned us for years that this day would come. Many people are putting red on their door posts like that first Passover. We are staying home and reflecting on our lives. Listening to what He wants to speak to us today. Sunday mornings we are gathered in front of some form of a screen to join a live worship time and message. During this time, may we learn from the examples of those gone before us. Let’s not lean to what we believe the outcome should look like. Nor let us become those who rejoice on day only to run in fear the next.

And when this is over, may we be forever changed in our hearts, minds and spirits. May our hearts not be swayed but abiding in the work He does in our hearts. May we still be proclaiming one message –


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Rhonda Anzivino

If we have never met, let me introduce myself. I grew up in a pastor's home in Louisiana. My husband and I have been married for thirty-one years and have served as pastors in both Louisiana and Missouri. We have three grown children that are scattered between that have all traveled to other countries sharing the gospel. Recently, God blessed us with thre grandchildren that are bringing us so much joy.

Since a child, I have had a passion for ministry. Although I love teaching the Word, my style usually reflects more on the side of creativity through drama, art, and writing. I am a Bible teacher, conference speaker, mentor, drama director, writer and artist. I still believe in dreaming big and enjoy watching God show His creativity in bringing dreams to life. I hope the thoughts I share on this page from my secret time with God may bring comfort, hope, or joy where needed. The goal is for me to know Him and then to make Him known.

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