A Better You!

It’s May!! Looking back over the last two months, it is as if the beginning of May is bringing not only a change in our weather, but many are sensing new hope. To me, it has been a significant time that so paralleled the feasts taught in Scripture. Our spiritual forefathers put the blood on their doorposts during the week of Passover and then had time of reflection during the days that led to Pentecost. For those who met in the upper room after Christ’s resurrection, they were preparing their hearts for what was coming.

Now we are entering a new month where we are able to ‘come out’ of our homes and get back to a more normal routine. With that comes the question, “Did I use the time wisely to become a ‘better me’?”

May is a month usually set aside to celebrate moms. For me, it is also the month where I celebrate my mom’s earthly life and graduation into glory. She was a woman that cheered me on and believed in me more than anyone else ever has. I was blessed to call her mom. But so many people have had the same story. Many women have felt the heartache of a barren womb. Or a life of singleness that resulted in empty arms. Too many children have had the story of abuse, neglect or abandonment instead of memories that reflected the love of a mom.

So how can we as the body of Christ step in and make a difference? We redefine Motherhood. I love the quote below that is from Tracey Mitchell. It reflects what we should see in our lives.

My mom was my biggest cheerleader, but she was not the only one that left an impression on my life. And each woman who has challenged me and encouraged me along the journey has been used to birth a better me. That should be a major goal in each of our lives: walking together with the intent of helping each other finish their race in the best possible way!

Helping others birth a better them is the theme we see in Titus 2. Older women likewise are to ……teach what is good and so train the young women…..that the word of God may not be reviled.” Never does that verse state that only moms by natural birth are to teach others. WOMEN. That’s all. The goal? How to be a godly woman and reflect the love of Jesus to others.

Just like those who prepared their hearts for God’s outpouring, let’s prepare our hearts to go back out of our homes ready to see others ‘birth a better’ person. How we view other women or ‘moms’ should not be based on how successful they have been at raising their own children. Instead, we should focus on the lives changed because each of them decided to embrace the ‘mothering spirit’ that her heavenly Father placed in her heart.

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