Facing the Wall

Sometimes in life we hit a wall. Walls can either be there to protect something or block the progress of something. And when we hit that wall, we have a choice how we will deal with it.

This past weekend while driving around running errands, my mind was full of details about where our life is….both personally and with current events. I started a dialogue with Abba. I let Him know that I had hit a wall.

I always have had the strength in the past to storm the wall. Or scale it. Or whatever it took to get to the other side. But not now. I realized I had hit an immovable wall and was just looking at it. No thought of attempting to scale or storm. No strength or energy for either. Not even a desire to think about trying. Just stand and stare. Or sit. And I was letting Abba know.

Then, as always, came that whisper. Not even a voice. Just a nudge from within. A reminder. “Jericho was walled.” Like a warm blanket being wrapped around me, I just knew I was looking at my own Jericho wall.

They didn’t storm the wall at Jericho. They didn’t scale it. They just walked. With no words. Just walked. Blew a trumpet. And went back to camp. They didn’t even shout until He said it was time. It was a silent worship.

Then He took the wall. His army of angels brought the wall down. HE DID IT! HE BROUGHT THE WALL DOWN. Not the people. It didn’t happen through their efforts of war. It happened through their silent obedience.

Today you might not have strength to fight anymore. It’s ok. Just mark the time and go back to camp until tomorrow. One foot in front of the other. Daily. That’s all He might be asking right now. When He shows you to do more……obey. And watch Him take the wall down!

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