Broken to be Fixed

Puppies. That is the result when you end up with a male and female dog in the house. It was not what we had planned. But it happened. And yes… was on MY watch! But watching these pups be born last summer was an experience I will treasure. It revealed to me a new side of my Creator. I watched as this first time momma dog instinctively knew how to care for her pups. With each stage she knew her place – from the birthing process, to cleaning the pups, weaning them, preparing food for them, and finally leaving them to play on their own. She had no classes to teach her. She just had her Creator birth that instinct in her. With each step I marveled at how detailed our God was in His great design. Yet I also knew we did not want to allow this birthing process to happen again.

It was time to nip this process! Literally!

Recently we took our male dog to the vet to be ‘fixed’. Two days later I was at my desk working when I heard my husband say to Teddy, “You were fixed, but you look broken.”

Fixed but broken. Those words struck a chord in my spirit. Isn’t it so like God to use the opposite thought pattern to create something beautiful?! Just like a vessel in the potter’s hand.

Jeremiah 18:3, 4 Berean Study Bible

“So I went down to the potter’s house and saw him working at the wheel. But the vessel that he was shaping from the clay became flawed in his hand; so he formed it into another vessel, as it seemed best for him to do.”

So often God has plans for our destiny. That destiny is never altered by Him. Yet many times in order to help us on that journey of reaching our destiny, we must be ‘broken to be fixed.

We often see the destruction from natural disasters. Yet in each one, deep under the debris, a cleansing is usually taking place. Fires often clean the forest floor and nourishes the soil. Floods spread sediments and enrich floodplain soils. Hurricanes can breakup bacteria, balance global heat and move sediment from bays into marsh areas. Insulation of snow can protect some perennials and ground cover.

Like precious stones or metals, the purification happens through a fiery process. Our brokenness often is deep within our personal spirits. It comes from deep wounds or harsh life events. The beauty of His work in our lives might seem buried in the debris. But the restoration will go much deeper, beyond the hurts, as long as we remain on the Potter’s wheel.

No matter where the hurts or issues were inflicted, we must realize that they were first initiated by the enemy of our souls. He is the one who brought the fight. He is the one who wants to steal our story. Our destiny.

But that story is being restored.

Even if it was broken to be fixed.

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