“I do not know what you are dealing with, so I am referring you to Baylor.”

While driving down the road, I let these words sink in more. My husband had been facing a series of health issues and the doctors have had no answers. It was now time to seek doctors that were more familiar with uncommon illnesses. Sitting at a traffic light, I was silently praying. My main request was simple, “Father, help us to get an answer to the what is it question.”

What is it? Those words played over in my mind as I heard the familiar whisper give me the answer.

Mana. Mana gathered daily.

Like a comforting blanket, peace settled around me and I knew He was telling me, “Your ‘what is it’ is found in your daily gathering of mana from Me.” The Israelites gathered mana every morning. It was nourishment straight from heaven prepared just for them. Daily.

Immediately as I thought of the mana that was gathered by the Israelites, another picture came to my mind. One of my favorite outings with my kids as they were growing up was to take them to feed ducks. There was a fascination in watching ducks fly from all ends of the pond or lake. It didn’t matter how big the area of water was, those ducks knew when you were coming to feed them. And they immediately responded by flying over to see ‘what is it’ that you had for them that day.

So often we go to Him seeking the exact answer to our dilemma. In our case, I want to know what is causing layers of my husband’s eyes to start peeling away. Or why the persistent health issues come and go with no explanation from the medical field. Yet my heavenly Father is looking for something else. He is looking for relationship. For me to just trust in Him. For that daily seeking from Him the “what is it you want me to know share with me today?” I have to ask myself , “Am I rushing to Him like to ducks do? Or am I just stuck in place, scared of the unknown?”

We see in scripture that wherever Jesus walked, people gathered. Just like those ducks, people came from all over seeking what He had to give them that day. Peace during a rough season. Healing. Comfort. Freedom from bondage. Hope.

And today He is still there waiting for us to go to Him daily to see what He will do for us in the moment. No matter what you are facing, He is waiting to show you what it is that you will actually need at that moment to take the next step.

I might not have all the answers yet for some of the issues we are facing. But I do have God’s reassurance that He is there with us, hands full of mana – just for us. What is that mana? Comfort. Peace. His strength carrying us through this time. His ever present arms holding us.

He is waiting at the edge of the pond, hands full of nourishment just waiting to be given to YOU freely. It’s time to go to the other side of the pond without hesitation. Go eagerly expecting Him to show you what it is that He has prepared just for you.

Go to Him today and ask, “What is it?”

He rained down manna for them to eat; He gave them bread from heaven.Psalm 78:24

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