Full Circle

Day +97

A light in the midst of a tough day!!

As I sat next to the bed yesterday praying off and on with Ralph, I heard a knock on the door. Nothing new. You get knocks all day long as each nurse, doctor, PCA, etc, come in. Yet as the person walked around the curtain into view, tears started streaming down my face.

No words were needed to be spoken. Immediately I felt his arms around me. Just like he had always done during his junior high through high school years. He had always called me ‘mom’.

I could make a long list naming all the teens and young adults that came through the front door of our home, but I would still miss someone. So I won’t. Our door was basically revolving at all times. They knew as they walked in that they were free to open the fridge and help themselves to food. Air soft battles were constant. (O, do we have some stories from those years!!)😂

Here we are in this tough journey and we find ourselves full circle. Matthew sat in my ministry team and drama classes, was one of my daughters best friends, sat under my husband’s chapel ministry, and so much more. He was family. When he saw our name on the PT list when he came into work, he immediately told his team he had to come to our room. And he came. The one we ministered to was now ministering to us❤️

I love that about the mentoring process. We pour into the next generation knowing that one day they will turn around and do the same. Just as God designed it to be.

How sweet it is for God to place us here at this time. He knew our need of comfort on this particular day and went before us to prepare the way. O how I love my Savior!!

❣️Today’s update – fever broke last night. Oxygen was turned down and his personal level remained good🙌🏼. And as Matthew stated, they started his PT today!!

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