Not Alone

Sunday. The day that I have always set aside as a day to go worship my Lord. But not today. Today was literally a day of rest as yesterday was a bit unsettling. Friday evening we needed to up the oxygen a bit. By Saturday, we knew we needed to adjust it more as his breathing was still too labored.

Without going into all the details, I knew I had to make the call for what action was to be taken. It seemed that my usual contacts for helping me verbally think things through were all out of reach. For a brief moment I felt very alone. Then I knew I was not alone. Abba was with me❤️

I just sat down and had a heart to heart with my Father. During this talk, I remembered instructions given by our doctor and acted on it. And once again……peace came.

Today he was better. No ER visit. Oxygen is still higher than it was three days ago. But I experienced a deeper level of recognizing the God is always with me. I didn’t hear His voice. I just knew His peace. I felt His calm and comfort.

No. I wasn’t at church today. And I missed being there. I miss the fellowship. But I can also say I have learned so much during this season. I have always loved ministering to people. But my first calling is to minister at home. To my family. To my husband.

And to my Lord. So often we forget that we are called to minister to our Savior. We focus so much on the right message or song or illustrations, but we forget the simple truth of ministry to the Father.

No matter what Sundays look like for us right now, I know I am right where God wants me. And He is teaching me daily to walk with Him through the fire.

Trust Him to see you through your season – even if you feel alone. He is still there.

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