Today’s gathering.

Just two. Plus One.

On this Pentecost Sunday, we took time to worship Him together. We had just walked through a difficult week. Most of Saturday you could find our hands just like this – holding on to each other.

Today I reflected on the past week. Early in the week he was still struggling so much for a good breath. At one point he held my hand and through tears said, “don’t let me go.”

Another morning he stated that heaven looks sweeter every day. The struggle to not give up has been very tangible.

Thursday was his first injection of maintenance meds. It will be his last as the side effects have been too much this weekend.

Saturday I felt the weight of the decision to go to ER or not. I had to step aside, get alone and pray. What was best? We know the routine by now. The time it takes to catch up the new doctor or nurse in ER of his history with Amyloidosis, transplant, etc.

I chose to stand. I chose to pray and resist. Yes. I have done this many times during our journey. But some days you know it’s time for physical action like go to ER. Others –JUST STAND. God had already alerted others to pray as we started getting texts from people in various other states. They were witnesses who were also standing.

Today was better. Complete turn around? No. But still He answered. And we still chose the worship.

That’s how the early church started. They were persecuted and broken. But they had a promise that if they would wait in Jerusalem, He would visit them with His Spirit.

Today we waited and He visited us. Not with a huge wind or fire. But that Still Small Voice. For the first time in months I walked in the kitchen and saw my husband sitting with pen and paper. God was giving him a message ❤️ ‘More Than Conquerers.’ If He is giving Ralph THAT message, He has a plan. I will keep standing!

Pentecost embodies my strength to stand. My hope. My faith. How I love my Jesus!

Need a miracle today? Stand, wait, follow His instructions and see His promise come!

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