In Faith We Stand

Three months after day 100…..

It’s been awhile since I posted an update. Where to begin?

With all that has happened since the transplant, it’s easy to wonder, “Does this mean transplant didn’t work?” The answer to the question is no. It is not a reflection on the effectiveness of the transplant. It’s just simply bumps in the process.

Goal of transplant was to replace the defective stem cells with clean stem cells. Clean stem cells flush out amyloid protein that was created by defected cells. But that is a process that takes a year. And it’s working!🙌🏼

How do we know this? Every check up they measure the lambda light chains in his blood. Lambda continues to drop!👏🏻

Lungs are improving!! Check out the pics!! CT scans show the difference from May to June. When our dr saw the June scan, he was so shocked at the difference he had to check the chart to confirm he was looking at the right scans!🙌🏼

Several times my husband fought the desire to give up. But instead he has chosen to stand in faith believing!❤️

The lack of sleep is constant for him. He doesn’t sleep longer than an hour and a half or two hours. Need breakthrough in this as he needs more rest.

He is dealing with lots of digestive issues. Seeing GI this week. Might be looking at another procedure. Had to have fluid drained from behind ear drums. Still dealing with some on one ear.

But he is slowly gaining weight! The past two weeks he has not needed the oxygen tank too often. He has taken bike rides and started small exercises. Still gets tired easily and is weak. But baby steps have begun!!

Yet as he continues to do more for himself, I have come to realize how exhausted I truly am🤦🏼‍♀️ Being a caregiver takes focus, time, work and emotions. You don’t realize the full extent till it’s no longer needed. But I have watched God step in to bring me rest in small ways.

Want to know the best thing different the last two weeks? He’s back in the prayer closet receiving messages for future teachings. And can’t wait to minister again!

It’s not been an easy journey, but God has whispered so much truth in the midst. And we keep standing!!

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