One Simple Word


That’s the word I heard this morning.

One simple word. But so much is wrapped up in the action behind the word. And so often I feel inadequate.

Last night my heart was full. It was the last evening we had with my oldest son as he was in town for a friend’s wedding. Although our time with him was short, it held much value.

Early this morning I dropped him off at the Baton Rouge airport to begin his trip back to Calgary. Since it was still 4am and not many people were around, I sat in my car watching while he checked in. Took that one last photo when he left the counter to go to security. Treasuring the moment of still having him near.

Then the tears. Not just tears of seeing him leave, but tears of feeling once again where our life is in this season.

As I drove away, I started my conversation with Abba. My cry was simple, “What am I to do now?”

The question didn’t come because my oldest son left. It’s been sitting there in my heart for awhile. It just needed an event that allowed it to be released to the surface. As tears flowed only one word came, “Trust”.

It always gets back to that. Do I trust Him? So many things still unknown in this journey. From next steps in Ralph’s health to next step in his ministry and so much more, I only need to lean into Him and trust that details will come when needed.

Trust has been challenged often during the past two years. Yet every time I choose to walk in it I feel His peace carry me.

I don’t know where you are today, but I know Abba would say the same thing to you. Trust Him. He loves us so much that the details matter to Him.

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