A Treasure

Like a priceless treasure, He came.

As I reflect on our service yesterday, this is what came to my mind. It was such a holy anointing. A holy hush as we each were challenged to go deeper in our relationship with Christ. And it was so sweet to see the response at the altar as each age group represented there responded. All hungry to encounter a greater measure of the living God. None wanted to leave. We knew we were at His feet.

At one point I stood back and just scanned those who had responded. A generational response that knew no barriers. Just one focus – to know Him more.

We have been challenged lately to prepare a place to meet with Him in our hearts and lives. Like those seeking a chest full of treasure, we are coming seeking an audience of One. Just Him.

There was no fanfare. Just a group of broken people bringing the pieces of our lives to Him for repair. And He is making new vessels for Himself. Vessels being filled in order to go out to touch the world around us.

There was no special dismissal. And no one was rushing to leave. We all just wanted to linger in His presence.

And He came. He ministered. He healed hearts.

Truth be told I walked in weary. Just the day before I struggled with discouragement and anger. Seeking answers for a disease that no one seems to understand. Searching for comforting words that would say, ‘This fight has come to an end and your husband is well!’ Those words never came. But Jesus understood. And He came.

He put His arms around me. He stood by me as I watched this group seeking God – growing in their faith.

And the gentle whisper came, ‘It is well.’

Has any thing changed physically? No. But the Mentor of my soul is teaching me to navigate my trust to Him in all things. Sometimes He is the only mentor we truly need.

And that is my priceless treasure ❤️

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