Rhonda Welcome to my blog! Most of my life I have enjoyed reading.  As a child, I even wanted to grow up and work in a library just to be surrounded by books.  I enjoy seeing the world and learning history through words on a page.  At some point, I started doing some writing.  Often it was in the form of scripts for illustrated sermons or dramas.  I also have a few poems jotted here and there next to scribblings of a book or two.  Recently, a friend prompted me to start a blog.  It had been in my mind for awhile but I kept pushing the thought aside.  Finally I felt it was time.

My husband, Raphael, and I have been married 31 years and in ministry over 25 years.  We have three grown children – Lauren who is married to Patrick, Steffen who is married to Kathleen, and Timothy who is praying to be married!  We also are enjoying our three amazing grandchildren!  And they make for great illustrations in my blog!

Although most of our ministry years have been in the role of pastoral staff, God has been shifting our ministry over the last year.  We recently have started to travel and speak, as well as assisting Lauren and Patrick with their ministry to Haiti. This past December, Raphael published his first book, which is an account of visions he has had during his prayer time.

My writing comes from my passion of teaching the Word of God’s Word. I have a heart for mentoring and helping others start a mentoring group. I travel and speak for ladies events, as well as sharing with churches and groups about our ministry in Haiti. My hobbies are gardening, painting, cooking and being wife, mom and ‘Nonna’ to three amazing grand kids.  I am an Essential Life Coach, teaching about the use of essential oils in everyday life as well as the significance of oils in ancient scripture.  If you have been looking to purchase oils, check out my webpage.   https://www.myyl.com/secretstrength

Also, if you desire to grow in your intimate relationship with the Father, check out Raphael’s book.

God has been so good to me and I hope through this blog I can share some of His grace with you.  To schedule speaking engagements or to connect for mentoring, please send your contact information through the form below.

Be blessed!