Just Breathe!

Spring time is here!  Beautiful colors are blooming everywhere we turn.  With budding flowers come the pollen. And allergies. Although this was never a huge issue for me growing up, in recent years that has changed. They call it 'adult on-set asthma' triggered by allergies.  Thankfully, just once a year. But that one time a... Continue Reading →

They Got It!

For me, mentoring started at home. It was a lifestyle of pouring into the three lives that were always with me. If I was working in the yard, they were there. If I was cleaning the house, they were given tasks to help. Many hours of directing plays, skits, musicals, human videos, etc., for church... Continue Reading →

Silent Patience

There is a new norm in our world today. It is a quietness in society. The stadiums, streets, concert halls, restaurants, etc., all have a resounding silence that is unknown to this generation. Yet it is not the first time in history that a society has been brought to an almost complete halt. So as... Continue Reading →

Love Enough

"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." - Jesus February. It is the time of year we hear the most talk about love. Flowers, roses and candy can be seen in every store. The main focus during this time tends to be set aside for showing... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a Train

It was a priceless moment. As I got on the floor to play with my three year old grandson, his 14 month old brother spotted us. It didn't take long for that bundle of energy to land in my lap. As much as I attempted to prevent it, those small hands grabbed the wooden train... Continue Reading →

Oil for the Season

Who doesn't love the beauty of the mountains covered with majestic conifers?! When the mist is settling above the trees, it brings a sense of peace in its beauty. We see the Master's handiwork in full display. But how do these green trees survive the harsh months of winter with almost no effect? It's in... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Beauty

In the midst of the joy of starting a new year, we recognize that this'newness' comes during the coldest season of the year. Winter. To many, winter appears to be a season of cold, bitterness and death. Most plants lay dormant during the winter months. No new life seeming to appear. Yet there is beauty... Continue Reading →

Charting a Path

2020. A new year has begun. With it comes the tradition of looking back at the previous year and setting resolutions for the upcoming year. Too often when we look back, we find ourselves discouraged or disappointed because of targets we set and missed. But what if we chose to see the ones where we... Continue Reading →

Childhood Reboot

"If I could only go back....." How often have we heard this phrase spoken by someone who want a reboot?Yet none of us can actually move back the hands on the clock of time to an earlier moment of life. So why does God continue to encourage us to do just that? In Genesis 35,... Continue Reading →

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