A Better You!

It's May!! Looking back over the last two months, it is as if the beginning of May is bringing not only a change in our weather, but many are sensing new hope. To me, it has been a significant time that so paralleled the feasts taught in Scripture. Our spiritual forefathers put the blood on... Continue Reading →

Are We there Yet?

It is hard to believe that five weeks ago I was holding my newborn grandson while preparing my notes on mentoring to teach at the March Louisiana School of Ministry. It was a busy time as I had a full calendar schedule set before me between meeting with boutiques about selling our products and traveling... Continue Reading →

Remaining the Same

Palm Sunday. The day usually set aside to remember that one day so long ago where a nation was preparing for the week of Passover. Everyone was headed to Jerusalem. Crowds at every street corner. Shops selling their wares to the many travelers entering the city. Roman soldiers watching and on alert for signs of... Continue Reading →

Celebrate His Designs

I Iove art! Classical art is my preference. I love a good landscape or floral painting. When I look at more abstract or modern work, to me it feels as if the artist took too little time on the focus. I often do not see the purpose of such work. But my daughter loves it!... Continue Reading →

Wounded Soldiers

......"for I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance."   Philippians 1:19 Intercession. What does that really mean to us as Christians? First, let's look at the definition: in·ter·cede- /ˌin(t)ərˈsēd/ verb         intervene on behalf... Continue Reading →

He Folded the Garment

"Where have they taken my Lord?" Mary's heart was broken at the loss of her teacher......the one who had changed her life. And now, not only had she watched Him die, but the guards at His tomb were gone.....and so was His body. She had gotten to the tomb early and what she found left... Continue Reading →

He Became

"And the Word was made flesh......" God. The Creator. The One that spoke and worlds were made. The Uncreated One. He named the stars. He holds the universe together. He spins galaxies around. He has always existed. Everything exists because of Him. He can hold EVERYTHING in the palm of His hand. And......HE CAME!! He... Continue Reading →

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