Palm Sunday. The day usually set aside to remember that one day so long ago where a nation was preparing for the week of Passover. Everyone was headed to Jerusalem. Crowds at every street corner. Shops selling their wares to the many travelers entering the city. Roman soldiers watching and on alert for signs of trouble.

One Man came to the city bringing followers with Him. When the news of His presence was known, an impromptu celebration started. Palm branches were waved in the air as people lined the streets to see a well known Teacher riding a donkey down the road. Soldiers probably scratched their heads in disbelief as the crowds shouted, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” Those Roman guards probably thought, “Blessed? He rode a donkey….not a Roman war horse. What type of people were these Jews anyway?”

Fickle. People with an excitement for the moment but also not fully understanding the depth of significance. God had already told His prophets this day would come. He had preordained it. Christ told his disciples where to find the donkey and where they would have the Passover meal. Every time He gave instructions, they found it just as He said. So why did His arrest, trial, torture and death send them all running? Why did some of the very people who joined the cheers of celebration one week cry, “Crucify Him,” the following week? Fear. Misunderstanding of what they had been taught. Leaning to what they believed was to be the outcome of their present circumstances.

Today on Palm Sunday 2020, we are facing a challenging circumstance. Yet prophets have warned us for years that this day would come. Many people are putting red on their door posts like that first Passover. We are staying home and reflecting on our lives. Listening to what He wants to speak to us today. Sunday mornings we are gathered in front of some form of a screen to join a live worship time and message. During this time, may we learn from the examples of those gone before us. Let’s not lean to what we believe the outcome should look like. Nor let us become those who rejoice on day only to run in fear the next.

And when this is over, may we be forever changed in our hearts, minds and spirits. May our hearts not be swayed but abiding in the work He does in our hearts. May we still be proclaiming one message –


Celebrate His Designs

I Iove art! Classical art is my preference. I love a good landscape or floral painting. When I look at more abstract or modern work, to me it feels as if the artist took too little time on the focus. I often do not see the purpose of such work. But my daughter loves it! Where it has no meaning to me, it usually speaks to her. So as she chooses the style she loves, I choose to applaud her and admire how she decorates. Which in truth looks great.

Often our lives and giftings are the same as art. Each person is uniquely created with a different mold. A different personality equipped with different gifts. Sometimes when we are mentoring others, we have to make a choice to applaud what we might not understand. Instead of trying to fit today’s generation into the mold of our generation or of what was given to us by the previous generation, we can ask the great Artist what mold He has chosen for them. And celebrate His choice.

It’s an issue that has been around since Cain was jealous of Abel. Christ dealt with it when He looked at Peter and said, “What is it to you how I decide that John will die?” (my paraphrase) Paul had a different personality than Peter and ministered to a different group. John was opposite of both Peter and Paul. Yet each of them took part in building the early church.

Let’s choose today to not become frustrated that those under us like different songs or art or a dress style. Instead, let’s look deeper into what uniquely speaks to their heart and ask the heavenly Designer to help us applaud their growth in Him. Let’s keep adding brush strokes of encouragement to the Kingdom’s canvas and speak of His love to the world around us. The big picture is worth it!

Wounded Soldiers

……”for I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.”   Philippians 1:19

Intercession. What does that really mean to us as Christians? First, let’s look at the definition:

in·ter·cede– /ˌin(t)ərˈsēd/ verb         intervene on behalf of another  

That definition brings the thought of standing in the gap for another person. Taking action on their behalf when perhaps they are too weak to fight it alone. Intercession is coupled with prayer as we do battle on a spiritual level. Yet too often we forget that just as much as our enemy is spiritual, our own actions can wound those that need our intervention.

Our military has a motto to leave no one behind.  But what about the body of Christ?  Do we fight just for ourselves or for each other?  And when we see others wounded, do we run to their assistance or sit back to analyze why and how they ended up on the ground bleeding?  I recall a time early in marriage when we were praying for my husband’s healing.  As we continued to stand in prayer and not yet seeing healing, the more advice we received from others  Advice such as, “Just claim it!”  “Rebuke the enemy.”  “Maybe you don’t have enough faith.”  “Maybe there is sin in your life.”  And the list goes on.  So does the dying process of the wounded.

Having walked through this several times during tough seasons in our lives, I’ve learned the power of having someone to walk beside me……..and to just be there!  Often I have cried out, “God, please stir someone to pray for me as I have nothing left to give.”

There’s an old Steve Green song that puts it so well —

See all the wounded
Hear all their desperate cries for help
Pleading for shelter and for peace
Our comrades are suffering
Come let us meet them at their need
Don’t let a wounded soldier die

Come let us pour the oil
Come let us bind their hurt
Let’s cover them with a blanket of His love
Come let us break the bread
Come let us give them rest
Let’s minister healing to them
Don’t let another wounded soldier die

Obeying their orders
They fought on the front lines for our King
Capturing the enemy’s stronghold
Weakened from battle
Satan crept in to steal their lives
Don’t let a wounded soldier die

Did you catch that? Obeying orders……for our King.  In real life we recognize that if a soldier in battle is on the front lines, he might be paying the price with his life.  But we fail to see this in the spiritual war.  Instead we judge and analyze the ‘why’ of someone’s situation. We pick apart every move the person makes trying to determine where they are doing something wrong, as if they are choosing to live under constant attack.

Let’s not let others die on our watch. Declare today, “Not on my watch!” Too often ministers, leaders, and  fellow Christians are wearied from the fight due to the battle. They need someone to walk WITH them, and sometimes FOR them. Do you know a single mom fighting to keep food on the table for her kids? Intervene. Pray for help and round up others to stock her pantry. Know a teenager who is being bullied? Pray with them for strength and speak affirmations to them. Know of a minister who is bearing bruises of battle scars? Pick up the phone. Call them and let them know that their ministry matters to you and to God.

Intervene on someone’s behalf. Stand in the gap. Pray. Intercede. Leave no one behind on the battle field bleeding. Fight in the spirit while the warrior is being mended and made whole. Be a battle buddy. After all, we fight better together.

He Folded the Garment

“Where have they taken my Lord?”

Mary’s heart was broken at the loss of her teacher……the one who had changed her life. And now, not only had she watched Him die, but the guards at His tomb were gone…..and so was His body.

She had gotten to the tomb early and what she found left her wounded heart bleeding more. The body, the one earthly connection she still had to her Teacher was gone. In her grief, she didn’t notice the folded garment. In her Jewish roots, she knew this to be a sign that a person was coming again. But her grief shielded the truth that was so delicately folded before her.

But then she heard a voiced whisper, “Mary.” She knew that voice!!! And He called her name! What joy! What amazing realization that Jesus really had fulfilled every prophecy.

And He called her name. He gave her an assignment, “Go tell……”

It was a new assignment. A new season. It began the breaking forth of the early church.

Today, He is still calling our names. He still has an assignment for all who turn and recognize that Voice.

Don’t let the grief of your season block out the truth of His promises to you. His voice is whispering, and something new is about to be resurrected!!

He did it for me!

He Became

“And the Word was made flesh……”

God. The Creator. The One that spoke and worlds were made. The Uncreated One. He named the stars. He holds the universe together. He spins galaxies around. He has always existed. Everything exists because of Him. He can hold EVERYTHING in the palm of His hand.

And……HE CAME!!

He didn’t just arrive. He came. With a purpose. With a mission. For a reason. For ME!


Just let your mind stay there for a moment. Picture the universe. Even though what is out there is far from what our human mind can comprehend, we have NASA telescopes, such as the Hubble, that allows us to glimpse into the world of space and time.

What beauty! And He created it all with His breath! He speaks and it becomes. And HE CAME!

And HE BECAME!! He changed His own form and became one of us. Human. Growing inside a woman. This Creator who had formed everything in existence, who is Spirit and not flesh, became flesh.

The God who formed galaxies formed me in my mother’s womb. Every detail He planed out and formed. The One who details stars detailed my very being. And HE CAME! He chose to come! He chose. The amazing Being that created all things chose to change Himself. He chose to BECOME embryo. A fetus. No one created the Creator. He always was. Time was never without Him.

This weekend while running around town, I sat in a parking lot and wept as this realization hit me. And yet I am still trying to grasp the magnitude of this truth. He who is so big that He breathes and worlds formed, changed His entire being into a small, minute embryo, grew to fetus, baby, man. And all for me. And you.

As I look at this sonogram pic of our grandson that was taken not too long before his birth, I try to grasp the truth again. I try to picture this magnificent, heavenly God who is big enough to look out across the universe and galaxies, who creates worlds and stars with breath, chose to change His entire status and become human………FOR ME!! Such love!! And that is the true peace and joy of this season…….HE BECAME!!

And that is the true peace and joy of this season…….HE BECAME!!