Count it Joy

Day +90

90!! We just hit the first milestone!!👏🏻👏🏻

Yet the weekend has been rough. He has struggled for breath to the point of gasping for air often. Whether this is a result of the fluid in his lungs finally breaking up and coming out or the bad allergy season or a combination, we don’t yet know. But as we drove down to NOLA for his 90 day check up, I knew today was a day I needed to wheel him around. The medical campus there is large and he would not have the strength to walk the steps. Just talking had him winded. (And yes! He has 4 layers of clothing on while sitting in 72 degrees weather. All thanks to losing 25 pounds. Lol)

Yet, even during this time, all he wants to do is find a way to give God glory. As the nurse practitioner was getting updated, he told her of the miracle he had with the appendix. He is teaching me more about ‘count it all joy’ even as he is walking a tough daily journey.

Isn’t that what we see with Paul, Peter and others in scripture? No matter what situation they found themselves in, they counted it joy for an opportunity to show the world God’s love and power.

No matter where life has you right now, look for a way to thank Him in the midst of your day. See the little miracles instead of the trial. After all, one day it will all pass away.

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