A Better You!

It's May!! Looking back over the last two months, it is as if the beginning of May is bringing not only a change in our weather, but many are sensing new hope. To me, it has been a significant time that so paralleled the feasts taught in Scripture. Our spiritual forefathers put the blood on... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe!

Spring time is here!  Beautiful colors are blooming everywhere we turn.  With budding flowers come the pollen. And allergies. Although this was never a huge issue for me growing up, in recent years that has changed. They call it 'adult on-set asthma' triggered by allergies.  Thankfully, just once a year. But that one time a... Continue Reading →

They Got It!

For me, mentoring started at home. It was a lifestyle of pouring into the three lives that were always with me. If I was working in the yard, they were there. If I was cleaning the house, they were given tasks to help. Many hours of directing plays, skits, musicals, human videos, etc., for church... Continue Reading →

Are We there Yet?

It is hard to believe that five weeks ago I was holding my newborn grandson while preparing my notes on mentoring to teach at the March Louisiana School of Ministry. It was a busy time as I had a full calendar schedule set before me between meeting with boutiques about selling our products and traveling... Continue Reading →

He Fully Understood

The 2020 Passover has come at us in full force. As our world has been hit with a plaque, so many have taken to focusing on this ancient feast and its meaning. To me, it is significant that we are seeing red ribbons on doorposts. For the most part, gone are the bunnies that usually adorn front lawns. Instead, we have the reminder that One Person has the answer. One Person paid the ultimate price. It is as if God cried out, "No more will I share MY Passover Feast with another god! Only My Son deserves the focus."

Remaining the Same

Palm Sunday. The day usually set aside to remember that one day so long ago where a nation was preparing for the week of Passover. Everyone was headed to Jerusalem. Crowds at every street corner. Shops selling their wares to the many travelers entering the city. Roman soldiers watching and on alert for signs of... Continue Reading →

Silent Patience

There is a new norm in our world today. It is a quietness in society. The stadiums, streets, concert halls, restaurants, etc., all have a resounding silence that is unknown to this generation. Yet it is not the first time in history that a society has been brought to an almost complete halt. So as... Continue Reading →

Legacy of Love

Family. The word alone can bring various emotions from different individuals. For some, it brings about a rush of unwanted memories. The hurt caused by betrayal or abuse. Others recall a sense of loneliness and fear. Still others experience the peace and comfort like that of a warm, soft blanket wrapped around them on a... Continue Reading →

Love Enough

"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." - Jesus February. It is the time of year we hear the most talk about love. Flowers, roses and candy can be seen in every store. The main focus during this time tends to be set aside for showing... Continue Reading →

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